We honour you on Women’s Day

Maa, I want to live
Promise I’ll be a good girl
And bring lot of happiness
Into your world

She (Maa):
What can I do?
I am helpless
They won’t let you stay
A boy is more precious
So they say

I want to learn
About stars, atoms and the cars
I’ll become a space scientist
The likes of superstars

Trust us, when we say
Learning is waste for you
You’re born to cook and serve
And that’s what you Should Do

But hey,
We honour you
On Women’s Day!

I wear the scarf
As my identity and pride
What I wear is my choice
I would love to have that right

We grant you freedom
Express however you care
Btw, these are the rules
And that’s what you Should (not) Wear

But hey,
We honour you
On Women’s Day!

Can I marry a she?
Finally, won my internal fight!
I don’t identify as ‘her’
Isn’t that my right?

Oh you’re deluded
This emotion you should conceal
You’re born a woman
And that’s how you Should Feel

And hey,
We honour you
On Women’s Day!

I need some time off
My kids are small
Sorry for the short notice
But I have to balance it all

Don’t you feel guilty
You’re free to take a break
But to repeat it again
Could be a mistake

And hey,
We honour you
On Women’s Day!

The results are proof
For a step-up
and equal pay,
Is there a valid reason
For this delay?

There are a million reasons
You’re top grade!
But we kinda define your worth
And this is what you Get Paid

But hey,
We honour you
On Women’s Day!

Maa, I want to terminate
It came uninvite
It's my life and body
Even this isn’t my right?

She (Maa):
They made it a law
and ask us to obey
Our body is not our right
So they say

It’s the Women’s Day!
We value your contri
And to celebrate you
Here is the trophy

Please take back
the greetings, 
the trophies and the cards

Today, I will live
with dignity and pride
Together, with billions
of sisters worldwide

My vote will be my voice.

With hope
and courage in our hearts,
We’ll speak up
to realize the day
When she, he and they
get to live authentically, 
Their Way.

Epilogue: ‘she’ and ‘they’ do not represent any person of a particular gender, race, ethnicity, religious or political affiliation. ‘She’ represents any person who has faced discrimination or violation of their human rights. ‘They’ represents any person or group of people who have been responsible for suppressing the individuality, dignity, value or rights of another being.

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4 responses to “We honour you on Women’s Day”

  1. Fantastic. Very touching poem. Deals with many real life issues. Thought provoking. 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your appreciation!


  2. Wow such a powerful poem. It really captures the injustice but also the defiance and strong will of women. Beautifully written.


  3. […] friend Sakshi, who started her own writing journey and launched this amazing blog recently, wrote a powerful poem about the same subject. Can’t stop reading […]


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