Winds of change

Life is known to throw quite a few bouncers at us. The world of technology is no different. If you’ve worked at a start-up or been part of a dream team, you would know the joy of finding your tribe and the pain of having to let go.

Presenting life and the world of tech in poetry.

Winds of change

Once there was a birdie
thriving in a flowering nest,
It flocked with its crew
with grit, passion and zest.

They tended to the flowers
nurtured them with care,
And built deep roots
with wings, feet all bare. 

The nest blossomed
with a fellowship unheard,
Soon more birdies flocked
Doves, Buntings, and Hummingbird.

The season changed colour
scorching sun came out,
Birdies buckled their wings
for fear of a drought.

Beavers came to the rescue
but shortly they were gone,
Eagles looked upon them
from the heights of Hyperion.
Turtles started digging
a canal to the nest,
Birdies kept enduring
in hope for the best.

Flowers began to shrivel,
grass followed next.
Birdies gazed upon helplessly,
their once flourishing nest.
Buried under the hay
they lay their treasured prize, 
And went separate way
until weather turned wise.

A few perched to rest
on the trees nearby,
Others found abode
in the Isle close by.
Birdie scanned the woodland
to figure its next course,
It had learnt to understand
Universe’s guiding force.

With pearls around their fins
the fish swam to the shore,
‘You can swim with us Birdie
into the vast open reservoir’.
‘To endorse your heart, O fish
is my fervent wish,
But my feathers will be in vain
in your backwater terrain’.

Birdie gazed at the sky
and then at its wings,
Its muscles had developed
to give it the springs.
It flapped them once
and then once more,
The dust flew off
like doubts out the door.

Birdie soared into the sky
and reached above the trees,
It could see the horizon
now with much ease.
The Sun shone in the east
mountains sprawled to the west,
Which way should it go?
Birdie silently assessed.

The wind was favourable,
the feeling grew,
Birdie knew it would find
its next belonging crew.

– Dedicated to my friends at Wingo

© 2023 Sakshi Daral

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