Human, learning to be.


Human, learning to be.

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On a mission to develop a happier world one person at a time, starting with self.

My Voice

We honour you on Women’s Day

In my journey over the past few years, I’ve met people from across the world and made friends along the way. Over time I have realized that no matter who we are, where we come from and where we go, we always have to stand up for our value and rights. As the world continues…

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About me

Hi, I’m Sakshi.
I’m a human.
I’m learning to ‘be’ a human.

I am on a journey, that much I am sure of. Currently, I make art to feed my soul, write to express my heart and lead technology products to develop my mind. On this journey, I am constantly redefining myself to get closely aligned with my mission.

My voice

I write about my learnings as a human, a product leader in technology, and a Soka Young Women’s leader at SGI Canada. I apply these learnings to improve the quality of my life, work, family and society at large.

My Foundation

The foundation of my life is based on the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism – which teaches fundamental respect for every human. We believe that an inner transformation in a single individual can bring about a change in their family, society and humanity.

As an active practitioner & leader at Soka Gakkai International – Canada (SGI Canada), I strive to live true to myself. And squarely face and overcome my daily life challenges with courage, compassion and wisdom.

This site is an attempt to share more of myself with the world. Give voice to my thoughts and beliefs. And hope to be ‘The Friend’ for those who are seeking the way.

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